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A.P.C. X Nike: A Shoe-In

Last night, A.P.C. toasted its newest Nike footwear collaboration (the brand’s first-ever line of unisex footwear) at its East London store. The capsule collection, which launched worldwide on the A.P.C. Web site today, includes the Nike Dunk and the Nike Air Max. The Nike classics got the usual A.P.C. make-under—a little more sleek and a lot more chic. No tuvo nada que ver con la fiebre inglesa de la Olimpiadas. source;


These photographs of Herbert Sondheim for Hermès trompe l’oeil designs look so current and cool–it’s almost hard to believe they were snapped over 60 years ago. The photos were taken in 1951 for Life by legendary photographer, Gordon Parks. Photography by Gordon Parks for Life. ¡que maravilla ! from;