décembre 2011

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Photography: René Habermacher Make Up: Ayami Nishimura @ Jedroot Hair: Panagiotis Papandrianos @ CLM Styling: Keiko Seya Model: Isa @ Select Assistant Photography: Laurent Dubin and Piotr Potain Digital Assistant: Vincent Lootens Digital Remastering: Dimitris Rigas @ www.dimitri.jp   Tiene de todo y no le sobra nada.

A cup of tea

A view into the tea room. Wuhao partnered with socially responsible tea company Tranquil Tuesdays to offer a new vision of this traditional space. One of my favorite Wuhao pieces, this chair by Xiao Tian Yu combines a Western “Pouf” seat with the back of a Ming Dynasty chair. The rare yellow fruit hanging over the chair are nicknamed “fox faces.” They’re common in south China where they are used for good luck on Chinese New Year’s.

“NUDE” JUANMA BY ELCUCO Autumn-Winter 11/12

Its been more than four years now since I met Juanma Granero, the head of Juanma Byelcuco, and he is still surprising me with his individual essence. His work is not just about clothes, its about everything that surrounds them, a kind of longing for a forgotten time with shades of futurism. His melancholia grows as he becomes more mature, something evident when you have a look to his handcrafted garments where Juanma translate his deepest feelings. Hope you enjoy the look book for his latest collection ” I want to love without affliction” by Edwin Ho Hugs!